Thundermother: 4 women inspired by AC/DC and dream of touring with them or Iron Maiden/ Aerosmith!

  Van Muylem    5 september 2022

Thundermother is a great band from Sweden conducted by 4 women! They rock your socks of and their last album has to become a mayor hit! I got the album months ago and am still spinning it! Mona Lindgren was so kind to answer my questions in between gigs of their tour with Scorpions (how much bigger can you go as touring with Scorpions?).

My classic starter when I interview a band for the first time: from where does the name come?

The name Thundermother was chosen by Filippa and her band mate back in 2009 to describe the music in the best possible way. Energetic Rock 'n Roll - that is "Thunder". "Mother" for female power.

Four women in a band and no man: was that a deliberate choice?

We just played music and found each other, and happen to be four women.

How come the band drastically changed in 2017, what happened?

Filippas bandmates left the band in 2017 but she didn't let go of her dream and luckily, the four of us found each other.

Who are the bands that influenced you the most?

Obviously, AC/DC are a big inspiration for the sound, the pure and energetic rock 'n roll. In addition we all have our personal inspirations in the band. Guernica has her heart in soul music and is a big Prince fan. Emlee is a huge Iron Maiden fan, and Filippa is very inspired by Airbourne in her live performance. I myself am very inspired by the sound of the 70's power trio type of playing, like the Jimi Hendrix Experience. All our personal flavours are what makes the Thundermother sound.

I compared you a lot to another band from Sweden that had been disbanded: Crucified Barbara (once even with Pink). I really loved them, what do you think about this remark?

To be honest, I haven't listened to Crucified Barbara, but Mia is a great guitar player and I was inspired by her when I was a teenager and learned electric guitar. She is also a really good singer and plays the accordion I saw in live recordings on You-tube. A multi-instrumentalist, very talented!

If you have kids, what do they think about your music? eg I have 2 kids and my daughter is into female singers (she liked the album as I made her listen to it), whilst my son loves metal guys who can sing so that he can understand what they sing.

I don't know how to answer this question, since none of us have kids.

Borrowed time feels like written on tour, just as Looks no Hooks feels like written from a real life event. How far am I from the truth?

Yes, definitely. Our songs are inspired from our life experiences. Borrowed time is Emlee's baby that she wrote together with Johan Randén and it's about the feeling you can get after a show, fragile after giving your whole soul to the audience, but also the love and passion you have for music and performing.

Loud and Free sounds to me as one of the tracks that has to make it as it has everything to make it. How good is this song running and has it been tested on stage?

Loud and Free is my personal favourite on the album. We have it in our set on the Scorpions tour. It has been very well received by the audience. A lot of people share this particular song in their stories from our shows. It seems like they really like this song.

You included 2 “slows” on this album. Do you think they might be used on the dancefloor? They are also very radio friendly and might be tipped as a single. Who decides about what becomes a single and what not?

Actually one of our ballads, Hot Mess has gone viral in line dancing in south-Korea. There are loads of videos of line dancers on You-tube now, they dance to our song and call it "Bare my soul". We decide together which songs will be singles.

Do you also have a creative say in the making of the clips? How much fun is it to act in clips and work on them?

Do you mean music videos when you ask about the clips? In that case, yes we decide on what the music videos will look like. It's very fun to act in music videos I think.

How is it to be an artist in Sweden? Does the weather affect the touring a lot? I can imagine it’s harder travelling in the winter (snow, ice, cold) and in summer it’s pretty hot (I think there is a difference of 50 degrees between winter and summer)?

The weather is not that extreme in Sweden. The people that have looked at Thundermother's tour schedules the last couple of years would have seen that we rarely play in Sweden. The majority of our shows have been in Europe and especially in Germany.

If you could be the opening act of a world-wide famous band and you just have to make the phone call, who would you choose and why?

Iron Maiden, AC/DC or Aerosmith. Iron Maiden because it is Emlee's all-time favourite band. We all really like Ac/DC and Aerosmith, that would be a dream come true.

What else can we expect for the near future? A new single/clip, touring? Will you come to Belgium one day?

We'll release one more single this fall. Right now we're touring North America with Scorpions. We will tour Europe in spring 2023, so stay tuned!


North American Tour 2022, with SCORPIONS:

Sep 05 Atlantic City, NJ (Borgata Casino)
Sep 07 Belmont Park, NY (UBS Arena)
Sep 09 Mashantucket, CT (Foxwoods Casino)
Sep 12 Hollywood, FL (Hard Rock Live)
Sep 14 Tampa, FL (Amalie Arena)
Sep 17 Houston, TX (Toyota Center)
Sep 19 El Paso, TX (Don Haskins Center)
Sep 21 Tulsa, OK (BOK Arena)
Sep 24 San Antonio, TX (Freeman Coliseum)
Sep 27 Dallas, TX (American Airlines Center)
Sep 29 Denver, CO (Ball Arena)
Oct 01 San Diego, CA (Viejas Arena)
Oct 04 Los Angeles, CA (The Forum)
Oct 07 Fresno, CA (Save Mart Center)
Oct 09 Portland, OR (Moda Center)
Oct 13 Spokane, WA (Spokane Arena)
Oct 15 Tacoma, WA (Tacoma Dome)
Oct 18 Oakland, CA (Oakland Coliseum)
Oct 21 Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay)

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Guernica Mancini – Vocals 
Filippa Nässil – Guitars
Emlee Johansson – Drums
Mona Lindgren – Bass

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SNOOZECONTROL - Thundermother – Black and Gold (AFM Records)

[ cover photo: Matts Vassfjord ]