MERCURY CIRCLE premiere music video for "Like Matches" (feat. Cammie Gilbert of OCEANS OF SLUMBER)!

  Van Muylem    10 oktober 2021

MERCURY CIRCLE premiere music video for "Like Matches" (feat. Cammie Gilbert of OCEANS OF SLUMBER) and celebrate release of brand new album! "Killing Moons" out now on Noble Demon! It's one of the best tracks of the album!

Praised by fans and critics alike for their outstanding 2020-EP "The Dawn of Vitriol", Finland's Mercury Circle have unleashed their hotly anticipated debut full-length record, titled "Killing Moons"! With 10 brand new tracks spanning over 63 minutes, the band's brand new record is a deeply powerful and majestic piece of music - truly representing a genre of its own - and one that will take the listener on an all-absorbing trip into yet unimaginable spheres.

In support of the new album and to celebrate the release in glorious style, #MERCURYCIRCLE just shared a new video clip for the track "Like Matches", with a special guest appearance by none other than #CammieGilbert of mighty #OceansofSlumber.

Founded by producer and musician Jaani Peuhu, who paused his activities in #SWALLOWTHESUN for the band's upcoming album cycle in order to fully concentrate on MERCURY CIRCLE, the Finnish five-piece is by far no stranger to the scene and features former and current members of well-known acts such as #CHILDRENOFBODOM, TO/DIE/FOR, #HANGINGGARDEN and #SLEEPOFMONSTERS. Thematically inspired by daily life with all its dark facets and challenges, "The original idea for the album concept was to make it some kind of a gateway that opens up a path away from everyday life leading somewhere where we can be free from all the stress, grief, Corona or any other worldly worries" #JaaniPeuhu explains.

"Killing Moons", the debut album by MERCURY CIRCLE, is out now on Noble Demon and available for purchase at this location:


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