Chemical Sweet Kid: new album and a bright future! A sweet one!

  Van Muylem    9 december 2019

Chemical Sweet Kid just launched a new album, one we all love and they launch a lot of good vibes and great plans! We couldn’t resist and decided it was time for an interview, before they become too famous and unreachable!

My classic question when I interview a band for the first time: from where the name?

The name comes from the song "Chemical Sweet Girl" from a French electro act called Black Strobe. Fun fact, I met him a couple of weeks ago at a Nitzer Ebb show in Paris.

Can I say that M. Manson, Suicide Commando and Rabia Sorda influenced you or are there others?

Yes Indeed Marilyn Manson and Suicide Commando have influenced me a lot, especially for the 2 first albums TEARS OF PAIN and BROKEN WINGS.

I discovered Rabia Sorda a little bit late, with their album Hotel Suicide. So I won't say they really influenced me, even thought I know we tend to sound more or less similar. I recently talked to Erk (Rabia Sorda / Hocico) and sent him the song "Under The Spell" saying: "I don't know why and it was not made on purpose, but don't you think this song sounds like Rabia Sorda?" And he coud just agree ;)

As another main influence we could mention Combichrist.

You will soon tour together with Project Pitchfork in Germany, how does that feel?

That's pretty nice. We already played with them last year in Strasbourg and we are really glad to be back in Germany to support them for their whole tour.

After that you will even play during the Amphi Fest 2020, for somebody from France that must be like heaven?

Of course! That's a great festival and I really like the place and the atmosphere they created.

On your new album you worked together with Marcus Engel from Rabia Sorda, that sounds like a match made in heaven. How did it happen?

We've been playing quite often with Rabia Sorda so it happens very naturally. I don't remember exactly how it happens but indeed it matches very well.

You already launched 3 video’s for the new album, how was it to create it all so fast and get so much help?

Actually that was not done that fast. If I remember well, we started talking about Lights Out at the beginning of this year or even last last year and we finally shot it at my home in something like 2 hours, Then Gautier (Keyboard player) edited the video and added the lyrics. Same process for Lost Paradise except that's just a picture background. We didn't need to shot anything which makes it a little bit easier.

Regarding the music video for Playing With Knives, it was a little bit more complicated. I was struggling to find some talented videographers, then it took months and months to put our ideas together and synchronised our planning.

What’s the story behind the new album?

I’m a really anxious person and I just try to transcribe this into my music. So FEAR NEVER DIES is mainly about living with your fears and self destruction.

What is Push Your Limits about? In my review I compared it with giving birth.

Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind. For me it was more about going out of your comfort zone and just simply giving the best of you in every single thing you do.

What’s the story behind Sick of You All? Why turn it into a lullaby?

When I look around, people make me sick and I needed to put words on that feelings. I felt that the music box kinda creepy lullaby suited very well with the lyrics.

On a side note: do you think you would ever make a remake of the The Stooges song called I’m Sick of you?

10 years ago I made a cover of Rolling Stones' Paint It Black. So I guess it's time to work on a new cover now.

Guitars are very important on this album, how did you build the songs? All in one go or piece by piece?

I always write songs first, record vocals, and then I send them to our guitarist who try to follow my ideas adding his personal touch. This time, to improve the guitar sounds we went to CHAMELON STUDIOS in Hamburg where Chris Harms (Lord Of the Lost) recorded guitars and gave a few advices here and there.

I loved the Agonoize and Nachtmahr remixes, was it easy to ask them or was it like returning or expecting a favour in return?

I met Chris from Agonoize in 2014 while we were playing for the first time in Berlin. Since then we were talking about a collaboration. Guest vocals, writing a song together, remix… He is involved in a lot of bands and as you can guess he's really busy. But he could finally find some time to remix Lights Out which sounds pretty cool.

About Nachtmahr, that's another story… As we're both on Trisol record, in 2016 the label asked me to cover one of his song for a special edition. During an after party at Amphi Festival this summer, we talked together about that and he simply offered to make a remix in return. As everything was already done for the new album, I had to delay the release date in order to be able to include his remix, which is very awesome.

What are the most memorable moments so far?

Touring with Aesthetic Perfection was really nice, as well as being able to support Combichrist. Another highlight is sharing the stage with Erk from Rabia Sorda and singing one of their song together. >>

Is there anything you still want to achieve?

Sure, there's always more to do. We are currently working on stage design for the tour.

Do you have a message for your fans, to close this interview?

Thank you for being there.

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