Lordi - Abusement Park (AFM)

  Van Muylem    25 januari 2022

Lordi’s from Finland once won the Eurovision song contest and since that era they always look for controversy. Launching a 7 box set is one of their greatest idea! For sure as they try to create 7 totally different albums with roots in the 70’s and performed with the original instruments from then! The fourth one is called Abusement Park!

SCG Minus 4 The Carnival Barker sounds like a typical announcement for a freak show and fits them like a glove. It’s the perfect announcement for this band!

Abusement Park announces the story line for this album. I hear a synth, lots of guitars and a catchy feel. I also sense a clear 70’s spirit within this song. It feels as if you are inside the park and walk around to see what it all offers whilst the guitars and the vocals are screaming. Grrr is a cool rocker with the typical Lordi touch. The retro touch sounds very good, just as the guitar play! Ghost Train is a smoking and catchy rocker. It’s the kind of song I really love! Carousel starts like a ballad but changes fast into a 70’s hard rocking power ballad with a bluesy sound in the guitar play. It’s a shot in the rose! House Of Mirrors has a good tempo and powerful backings (almost sounds like a gospel choir). The bluesy guitar lead also sounds nice. Pinball Machine: well who remembers playing them? This song reminds me a bit of AC/DC somehow (as if they should have written and recorded this song). The backings give it a catchy touch and a must sing-a-long! Nasty Wild Naughty is a fat and catchy rocking song with great backings and cow bells that give it that typical 70’s touch. Rollercoaster is a good screaming track with enough variation to keep it interesting. Be ready to headbang! Up To No Good is a good rocker in the typical Lordi style. End with a joke? Yes they can: Merry Blah Blah Blah. Laughing with Santa Claus and creating a fitting song around it, with sharp lyrics.

This album was fun and filled with a lot of melancholy! The recreated the 70’s in a perfect way whilst rocking like the best ones from the 70’s! Well done!

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