Interview with Per Aksel Lundgreen about his label, projects, music ... and more

  Van Muylem    12 januari 2017

From time to time it's nice to interview the people in the music business that you really like and adore. Today it's time for an interview with Per Aksel Lundgreen, label owner, remixer, was part of many bands and has hiw own projects! Time to put him in the spotlights!

Interview: MY AIM - Gésfakrock - 10/12/2016 (Kuurne)

  Erik Vandamme    9 januari 2017

Wederom voelden we de ene na de andere adrenalinestoot onstaan bij elke riff, elke mokerslag maar vooral - met alle respect voor de klasse instrumentalisten - die verdomd rauwe, bulderende stem van Robbe bezorgde ons kippenvel tot een krop in de keel. Helaas bleken er enkele technische problemen,...

Interview: Christine Plays Viola

  Erik Vandamme    6 januari 2017

Never heard of Christine plays Viola before, but they will play in our country as warming up band for Das Ich and we totally loved their latest album. So our reviewers Erik Van Damme and Filip Van Muylem decided to go for it and expose them to our readers who deserve to get to know them much better!

Interview: JAMBOX - Shoegaze uit Italie

  Erik Vandamme    2 januari 2017

Grasduinende doorheen het jaar 2016 botsen we op Jambox . Dit is een Italiaanse Shoegaze Band die in mei 2016 een EP op de markt brachten: Spleen. Wij waren vooral onder de indruk van de technisch hoogstaande manier van muziek maken, de heel bijzonder vocalen en de experimentele inbreng binnen he...

Interview with Karolina Pacan unveiling her plans for Trolls et Légendes edition 2017

  Van Muylem    1 januari 2017

Karolina Pacan will perform twice at Trolls et Légendes: with her band and solo. I already had an interview with the band and with Alain Poncelet, now it’s time to unveil more about Rusalka and the little stories …

Interview with Naheulband that play at Trolls and Légendes and dreams about playing at Hellfest!

  Van Muylem    27 december 2016

Naheulband is a living legend for the Trolls et Légendes fans, they played since the first edition and got pretty fast the status of headliner. I already had an interview in the past with them, but Ghislain, Tony, John and Ladyfae granted me another interview and they still have so much to...

Interview with Ithilien who's looking forward to play at Trolls et Légendes and announces more things to happen in 2017!

  Van Muylem    23 december 2016

Ithilien is a great folk/ deathmetal band from Belgium that will perform at Trolls et Légendes for the first time, they are already well known for touring with Eluveitie, but Erik Van Damme and I discovered that they still need a little introduction for some, so here we go …

Interview with The Dolmen: We believe that to live is to dance and to dance is to live!

  Van Muylem    20 december 2016

The Dolmen, ow yeah: party time! I don’t have to introduce them to the fans of Castlefest in The Netherlands, but it will be their first time at Trolls et Légendes in Mons, so here we go with the help of Marloes Visser who asked my questions (and helped me with the corrections) just ...

Interview with Hano-ah: local heroin from Mons!

  Van Muylem    15 december 2016

One of the nice surprises at Trolls et Légendes will be the local heroin called Hano-ah, we already reviewed her EP and adored it. Time for a short presentation, before the final act on stage!

Interview wit mastermind Alain Poncelet about Trolls et Légendes and future plans!

  Van Muylem    30 november 2016

Soon it will be time for Trolls et Légendes, I had a nice chat with the guy who did some drawings and creatives for the festival and he’s also the guy behind the nice Skeptical Minds strip album. We’ll see his work for the first time in an active way on stage … So let&rs...


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